‘GoBio’ launched to connect businesses and research scientists

‘GoBio’ launched to connect businesses and research scientists

A new programme called GoBio aims to put the spotlight on our region’s growing bio-economy, and put Greater Norwich at the heart of advances in both health research and agri tech.

GoBio was initially funded as part of the European Regional Development Fund-backed Innovation New Anglia project, and will look to link firms through workshops and discussions plus supporting them by promoting their 
goods. The programme, which is being led by Hethel Innovation alongside the University of East Anglia amongst other educational institutions in the East, has identified opportunities which include; building a biomass chain to generate higher value from our agricultural products, and fighting antimicrobial resistance.

The government earlier this week announced £160m investment in the £64bn life sciences sector, which will be of huge benefit to our facilities here in Greater Norwich, such as Norwich Research Park.

A fuller, more in depth look at what the GoBio programme entails and the research it will be undertaking can be found in the article below, and by visiting their website: http://gobio.uk/


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